Thorsten Niedlich graduated from Munich's Technical University with a degree in construction engineering, majoring in materials science and traffic infrastructure. In his Master’s thesis, Thorsten Niedlich discussed methods of determining tarmac compressibility as applied within the context of harmonizing European standards (Euro Code).

After graduation, Thorsten Niedlich spent several years in the construction industry, working as a sales engineer for a medium-sized enterprise producing specialty raw materials. His area of expertise included systems for reduction and prevention of structure-borne noise caused by railway traffic, and covered their vibrational design and construction as well as the on-site supervision of their construction. With his range of work experience, Thorsten Niedlich is particularly qualified to address the concerns of small- and medium-sized enterprises, with regard to product development, acquisition marketing, project management and strategy, as well as administration.

In 2000 Thorsten Niedlich commenced training as a patent attorney. In the course of his training he worked for two medium-sized law firms, gaining extensive legal experience as well as insights into a wide range of technical fields. He sat for and passed the German patent bar examination in 2003 and qualified as a European Trademark and Design Attorney that same year.

Prior to joining Klaus Beckord in 2004 as partner in the firm of Beckord & Niedlich, Thorsten Niedlich operated his own law firm. His principle area of expertise lies in mechanical, electrotechnical, structural engineering and construction chemistry innovations. Thorsten Niedlich also has extensive knowledge of trademark and design law. Thorsten Niedlich is a European Patent Attorney.

Since 2012, Thorsten Niedlich has a post as lecturer in Business Law and Patent Law at Munich University of Applied Sciences.