Sigrid Käppeler studied Electronic Engineering at the National University in Galway, Ireland, and graduated with a M.Eng.Sc. degree in 1990. For her Master's thesis, she developed an Apple computer application with a graphical user interface for assembling an analogue circuit and a programme for subsequently performing real-time circuit analysis.

While still a student, she also worked as a design engineer for an international telecommunications company, developing firmware in a high-level language for mag-stripe card reader devices.

After graduation, Sigrid Käppeler worked as a hardware design engineer for a medium-sized engineering firm in Dublin, Ireland. Her responsibilities included the design of circuit hardware at register-transfer level in telecommunications ASICs for small-scale SDH and GSM projects.

In 1993, she relocated to Germany, where she worked for a global company in the hardware design of large-scale ASICs and FPGAs for telecommunication applications using the high-level circuit design language VHDL. Other responsibilities included the development of complex test environments, block-level and top-level circuit verification, emulation, simulation and synthesis.

In 2002, Sigrid Käppeler joined Beckord & Niedlich. She is a European Patent Attorney and has extensive experience in the prosecution and defence of European and German patents.

Sigrid Käppeler is bilingual, with English as her native language.