Beckord & Niedlich is a client-driven, full service law firm, covering all fields and aspects of intellectual property law. It is our goal to successfully represent our clients’ interests, achieving the best possible protection of their innovations –
and doing so in a time- and cost-effective manner. We take a comprehensive approach, providing our clients with extensive technical, legal and industry knowledge. Working together closely with our clients, we develop long-term strategies tailored to suit their individual needs, aiming, above all, to avoid or resolve conflicts that could develop into court cases.

One key tactic for avoiding or solving conflicts when negotiating with competitors is the timely staking of claims through means of strategic applications for a range of rights - property, design as well as trademark. Performing a prior art analysis that includes an in-depth competitor analysis can also help strengthen our clients´ legal position.

Should it become advisable or even inevitable to institute legal proceedings,
we work closely with our clients to develop litigation strategies and services
for successful enforcement and defence of their intellectual property assets.